Coronavirus update: coronavirussnip-2

13 Mar 2020

Coronavirus update

We are all aware of the rapid progress of the Coronavirus and the impact this is having in our region, and across the country. 

At Magna, we are reviewing what measures we need to put in place to ensure an effective balance between safeguarding our customers and our colleagues and continuing the effective operation of the business.   

Therefore starting next week, we will be carrying out test exercises which will involve closing an office for the day and relocating staff so they are able to continue to work.  This is a proactive approach to ensure that we are prepared should we need to close at short notice.  

The first of these exercises will be run at our Everdene office in Dorchester on Wednesday 18 March. The office will be closed for the day, but our phone lines and emails will remain active and our services will continue as normal.  Customer service should not be affected; however, as this is a training exercise, we ask that if you do notice any difference in our service levels you notify us so we can understand how we can improve. 

We would like to minimise all face to face contact. For example if we attend a repair in your home, we may need to ask some specific questions about you or we may need to carry out the repair without you in the room. Our teams will be supplied with sanitisers and wipes to use whilst visiting your home.  

In addition to this, prior to booking any repairs or home visits, we will now be asking some short health questions to ensure the safety of our colleagues and customers’ health. It is important that you let us know if your health changes between booking an appointment and us visiting your home. 

We are also taking a proactive approach to limit the amount of travel between offices and external meetings during this time, as a precaution. Where possible, we will be taking a virtual first approach to any business meetings with colleagues and external parties. 

In summary, we want to assure you that: 

  • We have plans in place to support our teams and to manage any major disruption to our business which we will be testing over the coming weeks 
  • We are communicating with our colleagues regularly on what they need to do to take the necessary actions and precautions to keep everyone safe 
  • We are taking appropriate precautions to protect our colleagues and customers 
  • We will keep you updated on any developments as they happen. 

Don’t forget you can access many of our services online.  

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