What are you doing for World Environment Day?: World environment day post

04 Jun 2020

What are you doing for World Environment Day?

Here at Magna we care about our planet and its future.  That’s why we’re working hard to supply greener, safer, healthier and better homes.

We’re doing this by furthering our investment in the right research, partnerships and innovation so we are able to continue to blaze a trail in developing modern methods of construction and home maintenance.

This is why, in partnership with Dorset-based housing manufacturer, Rollalong, we are building new homes within a factory setting using modular construction.

So, why are these homes better for the environment?

  • Less waste materials than homes built on a traditional site
  • Less traffic to and from the construction site reduces pollution and less nuisance for neighbours
  • A ‘fabric first’ approach to construction – which means the walls, floors and roof are the things that make a home well insulated and properly ventilated without the need for extra ‘kit’
  • Some homes are already being built without a reliance on gas and with integral solar ‘photo voltaic’ panels providing energy
  • Home to wildlife ‘lodgers’ – our factory built homes include integral bat and bird boxes and bee bricks to support the local environment

As well as helping the environment, there are also great benefits for our customers as their new home will be:

  • Warm and efficient to heat because it has been designed with sustainability in mind
  • Easy and efficient to maintain because of the quality of its factory build
  • Better quality – getting it right first time.

We are passionate about building new affordable homes across Dorset and Somerset, but we don’t believe this should be at a detriment to the local environment.

Louise Davidson, our Development Manager, said: ‘We can’t stress enough the importance of our environmental impact and the role we all have to keep working on new and cleaner, greener ways to build new homes. That’s why we’re aiming for our new homes to be delivered using off-site, modular construction and to incorporate integral wildlife measures such as bat and bird boxes. We are looking at the options for our sites to include the planting of native species, productive trees and are incorporating bee-bricks to support the local insect population. We have also just started talking to Dorset Wildlife Trust about reviewing and improving the environmental impact of our developments.’

Working with our partners, we will continue to be innovative about how we create, adapt and offer the right homes that people choose to live in and that are environmentally friendly, so we can continue our vision of creating great homes together.

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