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Double Award Win for Innovative Offsite Collaboration

An innovative collaboration to demonstrate the effectiveness of using offsite manufacture to provide social housing in the South West has won two awards at the Constructing Excellence South West Awards 2020.

Offsite specialist Rollalong, social landlord Magna Housing, the South West Procurement Alliance and Complex Asset Management Solutions (CAMS) jointly won both the Offsite Award and the Winner of Winners prize at the online awards ceremony on Friday 4 December.

The joint submission focused on making the business case for adopting modern methods of construction (MMC) via a strategic asset management approach, modelling comparative whole life costs and producing the modular units.

Magna Housing explored the business case for MMC as a tool for increasing the supply of new homes and developed a strategic Asset Management Plan.

A delivery partner was found by a collaborative process with the South West Procurement Alliance (part of procurement organisation LHC) and a formal tender was carried out to assess the ability and willingness of the potential supplier to collaborate.

LHC and Magna also commissioned CAMS to assess the business case for change from traditional construction to MMC. The results showed that MMC delivers consistency of quality and the best whole-life profile and allows for asset management and maintenance innovation in the future.

After a thorough selection process Rollalong was selected as the preferred provider, and the two organisations are now working together on an initial order to produce 45 homes in Dorset.

After a thorough selection process Rollalong was selected as the preferred provider, and the two organisations are now working together to manufacture and install high-quality, precision-engineered, attractive, affordable and environmentally sustainable homes throughout Dorset and Somerset.

Steve Chivers, Managing Director of Rollalong, said: ‘Winning these two awards from Constructing Excellence South West is testament to the culture that exists within the partnership. Rollalong set out to innovate, and to achieve that common goal you must collaborate, drawing from the strengths of every alliance member – truly great collaborations push the boundaries of all partners.

“Aggregating demand through the engagement of new clients with our latest range of environmental upgrades and designs for 2021 will further strengthen the partnership, creating endless opportunities for superb collaboration and growth.”

Paul Read, Assistant Director of Development at Magna Housing, said: “The power of partnership, collaboration and aggregation are the key ingredient behind these two awards.

“Constructing Excellence South West highlighted the internal collaboration within teams and Magna and the wider collaboration between parties focused on whole life value, procurement and product development.

“Right now we are seeing new clients engaging and getting excited by the latest range of environmental upgrades and designs for 2021 now in production – all of course focused on the feedback from clients since the initial demonstration launch.”

Mary Bennell, Director of the South West Procurement Alliance, said: “The award is welcome recognition of what working in partnership can achieve. From a procurement perspective it also demonstrates best practice as Magna Housing started talking to us about procurement and delivery options before selecting their preferred provider, Rollalong.

“We look forward to more awards for the all-electric house!”

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