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Our latest financial statement

Last year was a challenge for everyone – a pandemic that disrupted the world and changed the way we do things in every aspect.   

For us at Magna, it’s been a year of unprecedented challenge in terms of service delivery. Throughout the pandemic the safety of customers and colleagues has been paramount. Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic has dominated our operational planning and delivery.  It has provided a stimulus for new ways of working and has accelerated the plans that we had for more agile working, more self-service and more digital engagement. 

Despite the challenges, our team has achieved an incredible amount in the last 12 months. Our key highlights for the year include: 

  • A refreshed and updated approach to customer and building safety
  • A new 3-year ‘Brilliant Basics’strategy
  • A new set of values for the organisation that set out how we do things 
  • The launch of our new housing and finance systems
  • A new single customer contact centre
  • A new website and internal intranet
  • The rationalisation of our workspaces and the introduction of more remote, agile working
  • The successful completion of our first leadership development programme
  • A reshaped Executive Team and a new executive role: Director of Organisational Capability
  • A new treasury strategy to secure significant investment for the future.

There’s lots more we’ve done too. Want to know more? We’ve just published our financial statement for 2020-21 which goes in to lots more detail – take a look:  

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